“You can say no,” he murmured, as she stared at the long black leather tendrils

“No – I mean yes – I mean – I don’t want to say no,” she stuttered, not sure if she meant it.

“Ok baby.”

She was already bound, the rope laced around her delicate wrists forbidding their escape.  The clothes in which she had been dressed were strewn across the room as though scattered carelessly by an unseen force, leaving her naked – completely.

Her ankles too, were wrapped in rope, preventing her from taking even the smallest of steps.  Reaching down he picked her up by her knees and carried her a few yards to another room.  This room she’d not seen before.  It was barren, but for a tall wooden stand.

She found herself facing the wall.



“Uh – nothing…”

She heard his smile.

His hands grasped hers pulling them up –

 – up to the top of the stand where they were bound in place.

His long fingers locked on to her hips scooting them back a few feet

She was provocatively posed – made ready.

“I will not blindfold you, but close your eyes please.”

She knew why he would not fasten the slippery black satin around her head.

He would want to look into her  – deep into her – as he had done before – when he had taken her to those places.

Black leather tongues floated across her reddened naked skin.  His peppery hands had already visited there, the receding sting itched a little.

She loved that itch.

But the snakes were readying to strike.

Soon the itch would be transformed into…?

The quickening beat of her heart thundered in her ears.

There was still time – she could still say no.  She could stop this insanity.  What was she thinking…?

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, Sir”