I was recently in a conversation with a close friend, who was rapturously describing the joy she feels when her Dominant places her hands behind her back and handcuffs her wrists.

“It’s something about the steel, the sound of the clicking lock.  I can’t tell you what that does to me.   It truly is My Most Favorite Thing.”


There was a shine in her eye, and a Mona Lisa smile as she spoke.

I started to ponder.  What is my Most Favorite Thing? Easy – the blindfold.  I positively love the blindfold.


The sensory deprivation heightens my other senses, and the enticing mystery, the anticipatory thrill, absolutely sets my butterflies to flight.

But wait a minute – bondage.  Is there anything more erotic that being tied up?   Luscious helplessness!  And the choice of restraints creates even more allure.


To be wrapped in the soft, sensuality of silk (see post – An Arabian Night – Wrapped in Silk)  cold, unforgiving steel, fur-lined leather cuffs, coiled cotton rope – and so much more, each offering its own, unique flavor.

So which is it?  The blindfold or bondage?

Moments later, my mind traveled to the romantic sweetness of dressing for Him.  The tight, figure flattering corset,  garter belts and requisite stockings, glossy high heels, or the slippery, shimmering, silky negligee.


The surprise package waiting on the bed –  an item of lingerie He selected just for me.  The joy of shopping for that sexy, naughty, wicked garment that I know will take His breath away.

Then I read this – from The Green Eyed Geisha:

… there is always something about resting my head on your chest …


Sigh – yes – and all the other tender, loving moments that I cannot live without.

What choices!

As my emotional brain rattled around, attempting to decide which is my Most Favorite Thing, it hit me.  I don’t have the luxury of a Most Favorite Thing.  I love it all… the blindfold, the bondage, the lingerie, the collar and leash, teasing and denial, and of course, spanking.


Disciplinary, or sensuous and spicy.  Spanking in all its many forms is an essential element in my D/s world.

I came to the only conclusion.

All the tantalizing torture,

all the delicious decadence,

all the scintillating sensations,

all that I enjoy and endure,

my obsession, my fetish, my Most Favorite Thing,

is simply,

being a submissive,

in a Romantic, Dynamic D/s Relationship.