I have been pondering recently.

Much is spoken about the Gift Of Submission.

It is worthy of the thoughts and writings.  Surrendering one’s self to another is an almost indescribable experience.  It is an act of utter trust; of complete belief in another.

Kneeling before my Dominant, blindfolded and bound, feeling powerless, yet powerful, was remarkable beyond words, and every moment of every day the memory follows me.  At times, like a shadow at dusk, it threatens to disappear.  Thankfully it never does.

But what of the Dominant?  His gift too is precious, and surely must be treasured and revered.  The acceptance of her ultimate offering bears the acceptance of its responsibility.  As her Dominant he will wrap in her a cloak of loving protection and guidance and the sure knowledge that he is completely on her side.

He will support and nurture and sensuously devour her, all the while surrendering in his own, unique way.

Two sides of the coin.

Two souls who offer the other as much as each can give.

An exchange of priceless Gifts.