How difficult it must be, for those in the vanilla world, to understand this concept.

The satin blindfold that feels like warm liquid as it floats into place, sends me into a heightened awareness, reminding me of the tantalizing trust I have in the man who places it there.  Are there words that can adequately describe the romance of the moment

The sweet loving touch of his fingertips as they flutter down my arm to their target – a quick, sharp, sizzling pinch of my nipple.  Sugar and spice, a succulent union.

The hushed words in my ear –  then silence –

– the unspoken instruction – Just Feel

Ardent, wet kisses against my neck – the blindfold so smooth and comforting – soft leather wrapping around my wrists – ohhhh – no thought – just surrender to his artful, loving control.

My body is now his instrument, which he plays with salacious skill, eliciting mews and moans, gasps and cries.

The heady connection that exists between a Dominant and submissive is romance on steroids.

Ultimate respect, ultimate trust, ultimate understanding, ultimate satisfaction.  Romance, in a loving D/s relationship, is quite simply, The Ultimate.