His finger tickles against my lips

Silently he checks my wetness

Not until I am sufficiently wanting he will start

Moaning quietly I await the verdict…

The first slap  – ooohhhh  – delicious

The second –  yeeesss….  thank you

Third – fourth – fifth – sixth –

Back arched – bottom asking

Panting now – mewing like a kitten

The fingers return



Holding my breath

They circle the switch                                                                          



And because he knows how–

— Quickly I feel the bubble

Because He has learned–

–I know it will soon be upon me

His electric touch sparks

The hot slaps return

Again – and again – and again

My panting transformed into gasping craving cries

His fingers return to my craving clit

His hot hand continues its work

Together they play me

Bringing forth the melody

The mysterious magical music

He is the composer

The song has breathless pauses                                         

Rising notes of violins

The heady beating of drums

His fingers and hand are one

My body his instrument

Playing towards the ecstatic end

The Crescendo

But I too have learned

I have learned it will not be so easy

It will not be so quick

I must wait

And wait

My strings plucked and played

Then left to rest…

Until He deigns it is time…