Here it is.  The first of many pages to follow.  11:15 pm.  Almost midnight.  What better time to start this – a blog dedicated to the mystery that is D/s.  Dominance and submission.  Power given and power accepted.   Spanking, erotic exploration, and all things BDSM.

The cool dark quiet of the late hour giving freedom to my voice that must be heard.  For many years I have delved into this world, sometimes deeply engrossed in mind bending relationships, other times traveling the globe meeting strangers in country hotels, never knowing where the meetings might lead.  Reckless?  Probably.  Dangerous?  Potentially.  Thrilling?  Absolutely.  Could almost be classified as an extreme sport. 

The voice that must be heard has written 5 books, more short stories than can be recalled, and still it must be heard.

Must reach out to the anonymous world in which like minded people exist.  To know it is heard is an odd comfort, but a comfort nonetheless.

Cute guy California Style Cutie
Cute guy California Style Cutie (Photo credit: vanessa_hutd)

Today, for example, standing in a line at a Starbucks, my eyes caught that of a ruggedly attractive guy in a leather jacket — hmmm – I wondered – would he tie me up or hold me down, or would he insist I hold my arms up myself, bound by the invisible chains of his command?  Would he make my heart hammer against my chest as he lightly licked my neck between whispers of what he was about to do?  You know what I’m talking about.  Those uninvited fleeting thoughts that tease and tempt us?   He smiled.  I blushed, dropped my eyes down.  Typical sub behavior.  Wish I could control it.  No I don’t.

Did he know how I felt as I picked up my coffee and hurried out the door?  So here I am, writing to you, the D/s internet world.  So glad you are there for my voice.  How is it I can feel you recalling a similar incident?  So relieved I feel already, knowing the odd comfort will allow me to sleep now.  How many of us were in that Starbucks today?  Makes us smile to think about it doesn’t it?Top or bottom, Dom or sub, Male or female.  We all share the same mysterious gene.  Till next time — Maggie.