I am tied.  It is a gentle tether, though my wrists lay joined above my head and my ankles are shackled together. 

The soft, slippery satin sash is laid across my eyes, focusing my senses on his soft caress as it flutters across my body.

Feathery kisses have left drops of moisture against my skin.  There is the faintest sound of lilting music to which his attentions seem to dance.

Not an inch of me has he not slowly, lovingly, lightly addressed.  But I ache for his graze between my legs – I ache for his lips upon my breasts – I ache for his mouth upon mine.  These precious areas have been left hungry – wanting – craving.

He is rolling me on my stomach.  For a moment there is only the faint melody – and my elevated sense of joy and need.  I wait for his hands – his fingertips – his lips.   Where might they first roam across my back?

They flitter, following my  spine.  His breath is in my ear, murmuring – sink – relax – surrender – each whispered command sending me deeper into the mesmerizing spell.  His soft palms are moving here and there, lips on shoulder blades.

For how long?  I know not.  Ankles being moved apart – wide apart – feels glorious to be spread.  Fingertips on my inner thighs.  My sex is waiting – just an inch higher – oh please just an inch…

Murmurings in my ear – sink – relax – surrender

The mattress envelopes me.  I am not bound – I am just as I am.  As he wishes me to be.  Now on my back – legs spread wider still, held by invisible cords.  I can feel them – are they real?

sink – relax – surrender                                                                                                         –

He told me they are real, therefore they are real.                   

Hot breath in my ear –

You are alive with need –  feel yourself nearing your climax –

sink – relax – surrender

sink – relax – surrender

I am falling into the abyss of ecstasy – falling but climbing – words moving me forward – fingers – lips — sink – relax – surrender