Sometimes, in the middle of a perfectly tedious day, there can come across your path, a touch of wanton wickedness.  An unexpected erotic jolt, that causes the sweet submissive’s butterflies to spring to life.  A deliciously decadent email popped into my inbox, and read as follows:

Your blog is quite delicious.  Providing discipline to unruly women is the job of the truly evolved man.  Sadly, some shirk their responsibilities.  Perhaps this could be a subject for one of your future creations.  As for me, no symphony has ever produced a more beautiful sound than the swish made by hand, crop, or whip, as they sail through the air toward their ultimate destination – the wriggling bottom of a needful woman.  And when hand, crop, or whip finally arrive, and spread their crimson sting toward the soul of a woman; that is when we know we are truly alive. 

Mr. Dom, wherever you might be in the world, I thank you for bringing a little sparkle into my eyes, and I’m sure, as this post is read, you will bring an electrifying zing to those who read it. 

Thank You, Kind Sir.