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SAT SPANKS 1/10/2015 – The Heiress and The Cowboy Contractor – #ASMSG #SPANKING #ROMANCE #COWBOYS

http://saturdayspankings.blogspot.com Hello and Happy Saturday Everyone. Welcome to the unveiling of my new cowboy romance, full of all kinds of naughtiness, courtesy of Nicole Harris, an heiress used to getting her way.  As we know, cowboys don’t take kindly to haughty little girls. Set Up “This is what I’d suggest,” he drawled. “You find yourself…

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My Sexy Saturday – 01/10/2015 – The Heiress and The Cowboy Contractor – #ASMSG #SEXY #COWBOY #ROMANCE

http://www.mysexysaturday.blogspot.com Hello, and welcome. Below is a snippet from my just released, THE HEIRESS AND THE COWBOY CONTRACTOR http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00S1GG3LU SET UP In this sizzling romance, Beau Chapman, a hunky horse trainer who is also an experienced builder, crosses swords with Nicole Harris, a spoiled, wealthy heiress.  Though Brittany was initially intrigued by his take-charge personality,…

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THE HOURGLASS  “If you don’t come with me right now I’ll spank you longer and harder,” he promised sternly. Hearing the sincerity of his threat she began to move, and as the chauffeur stepped from the car and moved quickly to open the door, Frank handed him a twenty-dollar bill. “Go join the party until…

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http://saturdayspankings.blogspot.com So happy to be back here. Just a hectic month finishing the above-mentioned naughty novel, and oh, how naughty it is. Below please below the required eight sentences. THE COWBOY’S RULES: 2          “From now on the rules will be the rules, you break ‘em, you get your bottom spanked,” he exclaimed, “just…

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RTK DUNGEON CRAWL – The Cowboy’s Secret – #ASMSG #DUNGEON CRAWL #RTK #BDSM 5/28/2014

http://rtkdungeoncrawl.com/2014/05/22/crawl-for-may-28-2014/ Hello all you dark darlings.  Having just completed this incredibly sexy, naughty cowboy novel, I simply had to share. THE COWBOY’S SECRET It has been my experience, that when a Dominant suggests you do something, then tells you to do something, then warns that if you don’t do that something in a tone that…

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Domination and submission – The Cowboy’s Rules – COVER REVEAL (and a snippet) #ASMSG #DEC

Placing the cane in the center of her backside, he slid it back and forth, then raising it back, swished it down, instantly creating a bright red stripe.  Hannah threw back her head, a loud squeal escaping her lips. “Count,” he reminded her. “O-one,” she stammered. “Th-thank you, S-sir.” Laying the cane an inch below…

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Dominance and submission – A Three Stage Spanking – #ASMSG – #DEC

RELEASE DATE SATURDAY,  DECEMBER 14 EXCERPT A very naughty girl, did a very bad thing! Grabbing a throw cushion from a nearby armchair, he placed it at the end of the couch then sat down in the center.  It was one of his favorite positions, the girl being stretched out across his lap with her feet…

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Dominance and submission – A Cowboy Delivers A Spanking – Excerpt: The Cowboy’s Rules – #ASMSG – #DEC

THE COWBOY’S RULES EXCERPT Tentative Release: Saturday, December 14 Facing a long drive, this cowboy decides to nip some naughty behavior in the proverbial bud. Expertly be brought the van to a smooth finish, and unbuckled his seat belt. “What are you doing?” she demanded. “Comin’ around to your side to help you out,” he…

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Dominance and submission – Book Trailer Video – The Spanking Psychiatrist #ASMSG

A diabolical Dominatrix, a sweet submissive, a military intelligence officer, and The Spanking Psychiatrist. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b39_2I7bEmo Release tomorrow July 21 – watch for it on Amazon.com www.MaggieCarpenter.com https://www.Amazon.com/author/maggiecarpenter

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Dominance and submission – My All Time Favorite Scene From My All Time Favorite Movie #ASMSG

Was reminded of this today. THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR Steve McQueen/Faye Dunaway www.MaggieCarpenter.com https://www.Amazon.com/author/maggicarpenter

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